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Discounted Laser Transfer Paper
Image Transfer Specialists

Laser Printer Transfer Papers

 TheMagicTouch full color image transfer paper,  together with laser color copiers and printers opens up new and exciting  opportunities for full color, high quality image transfer printing onto a  limitless range of application products where the possibilities are truly endless.                                                Printer Compatibility Guides The printer compatibility guides are regularly updated whenever new products  are launched and further experience is gained on existing printers and copiers.                          CLICK HERE TO CHECK”THE MAGIC TOUCH” PRINTER COMPATABILITY  

WOW - WeelesssDark Textile Transfer

- free form design on any color

WOW  Professional transfer paper enables full colour images, logos and photos onto dark garments and fabrics. However, the unique patented process does not involve any weeding or cutting. This product will change the rules for dark garment decoration onto cotton, polyester, leather, nylon and most textiles.  WOW Professional transfer paper does not replace OBM or MagiCut but offers an additional method for complex or detailed designs that cannot be profile cut and weeded. Sizes: A4   Packaging: 50 sheets per box A4 - 8.25” x 11.75”.

DCT - Water Slide-Off Decal

- Candle, plate, uneven surfaces

DCT 4.5 Clear & DCT 4.5 Opaque  DCT  4.5 continues to be the easiest and most effective method of decorating ceramics, candles, glass, in fact most promotional items that have a non flat surface. Use DCT 4.5 Clear is used for white and pastel colored items. Packaging: 50 sheets per box
DCT 4.5 Clear - A4
DCT 4.5 Opaque - A4

CL - MEDIA - label

- Signs, bumper stickers, decals

 Range of specialist media for colour laser copiers and printers. Permanent adhesive for indoor and outdoor use. SPF Label Stock, used for applying full color lavels to indoor or outdoor surfaces, window stickers, bumper stickers, machine labels, etc.  Packaging: 100 sheets per box



CL - White Matte price $90.00 /box
CL - White Gloss price $90.00 /box
CL - Gold Gloss price $90.00 /box
CL - Silver Gloss price $90.00 /box
CL - Clear Matte price $90.00 /box
CL - Clear Gloss price $90.00 /box


- UV - Scratch Resistance

Transparent film for A-Pad applications. Gives maximum UV protection and maximum scratch resistance. One-step process. Sizes: A3  Packaging: 50 sheets per box.
A-Pad silicone rubber for specific CPM transfer applications such as metal, plastic, vinyl, board, CD’s, etc. Size: 15” x 20”  Price: 135.00
Soft Pad silicone sponge for specific CPM and OBM applications.  Size 15” x 20”  Price:  90.00 ea




Wow pad for application with WOW Professional for Dark Size: 15” x 20”  Price: 70.00
$174.00/box $70.00/box $140.00/box  $80.00/box $345.00/box $100.00/box $187.00/box $50.00/box
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Discounted Heat Transfer Vinyl
MC404 - Green
MC4202 -Blue Jean
Magic Cut Premium Flex - 15” 
MC440 - Neon Yellow
   MC442 - Neon Orange  
MC7201 - Metallic Gold
Print and cut in reverse mode. Do not score carrier. Weed and flip over onto fabric. TEMPERATURE: 320°F -335°F PRESSURE: Medium TIME: 17-25 seconds


Premium FLEX: High quality cast polyurethane film with a matt reflection free surface and a thermally actived adhesive.  Suitable for most fabric types.  Excellent cutting and weeding properties.  Washable up to 60 degrees C and suitable for dry cleaning.   Available in roll format in 15” widths.    
Print and cut in reverse mode. Do not score carrier. Weed and flip over onto fabric. TEMPERATURE: 338°F -347°F PRESSURE: Medium TIME: 15-20 seconds


High quality flex film with special surface effect laminated with a thermally activated adhesive.  Washable up to 40 °C. MagiCut Flex Fashion can be cut with most current plotters. Cut in 'Mirror Image' through the hotmelt adhesive to the surface of the polyester transfer film. The polyester liner would be removed when cool. Afterwards, it is recommended that the transfer is pressed for a further 2 seconds.


High density fibers give textured feel perfect for lettering, numbers and logos onto sports and leisurewear.  Washable up to 60oC and also suitable for dry cleaning. Available in roll format 20” wide. Excellent cutting and weeding properties.
   MC504 - Dark Green
  MC506 - Royal Blue
MC515 - Orange
MC510 - Yellow
Magic Cut Premium Flock - 20”    
MC420 - Metallic Gold
MC503 - Navy Blue
MC6105 - Gold
MC6107 - Blue
MC6106 - Red
MC6108 - Green
Print and cut in reverse mode. Do not score carrier. Weed and flip over onto fabric. TEMPERATURE: 330°F -345°F PRESSURE: Medium TIME: 25 seconds
Magic Cut Premium Metalic Flex
MagiCut Glow in the Dark paper is a totally organic luminescent product. Cut using the plotter/cutter, weed and then apply using a heat press. The unique ink combinations transfer charges in normal light and then "glows" when in reduced light or darkness. Sheet Size: 16.5 in x 23.5 in. Item MC1001 - Glow in the Dark paper -


MC512 - Grey
MC508 - Red